Health Benefits of Drinking Beer

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Do you want to know the health benefits of drinking beer? Are you wondering why many people participate in the beer tour belgium?

One of the advantages of taking a cold brew is that you get more nutrients in the body. You have to remember that beer consists of water, cereals, yeast, and hops. It provides your body with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Moderate beer consumption enables you to reduce risks of heart diseases, enjoy better bone health, and improve psychological well-being. In this informative post, we’ll look at these benefits in detail.

Beer Improves Bone Health

bone x-rayOne of the health benefits of drinking beer is that it helps in the development of connective and bone tissue. A recent study found moderate drinkers to have fewer risks of getting osteoporosis when compared to non-drinkers.

In another study, those who drink had lower risks of having hip fractures. That means that by taking beer, you will improve your general well being by protecting your bone health.

Contains Nutrients

Beer contains trace amounts of magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium, and calcium among other minerals in addition to water. These minerals are important to the body, which means that consuming it ensures your body stays fit.

The malt found in beer offers you antioxidant benefits, ensuring that your body fights diseases. However, remember that the nutrient composition of beer depends on its ingredients.

Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Some studies have linked the moderate consumption of alcohol to reduced risk of getting type 2 diabetes. That’s when you compare drinkers to those who don’t consume it. However, you should ensure that you consume it moderately, which will help you gain its benefits.

Improves Good Cholesterol

Moderate drinking beer helps in improving good cholesterol. On the other hand, heavy drinking eliminates this benefit, which means you should ensure that you take the recommended amount.

Boosts Psychological and Cognitive Health

Light and moderate drinking helps in slowing down cognitive decline. The reason for this hasn’t been found out. Drinking beer reduces tension and stress and helps in helping one to feel good. The only thing you should make sure you avoid doing is over drinking it.

What to Keep In Mind

cold beerWhen it comes to drinking alcohol, you should remember it has different effects on everyone. Depending on your health status, family history, age and the number of times you drink it, you will experience different results. For the best outcome, if you feel too high as you drink it, you should take less than the recommended amount.

The negative effects of consuming too much alcohol includes increased risks of diseases in major body organs such as the liver. Other effects include addiction, crime, and violence.


The above informative article on the health benefits of drinking beer should make you consider taking it. You can cook with it, which means that you don’t have to necessarily drink it. For instance, by using it as one of your ingredients, you will enjoy the subtle, sweet and delicious flavor of malt and hops. Furthermore, when you expose beer to heat, the alcohol will dissipate, which means that as you cook, less alcohol will be retained.

Tricks To Help You Get The Best Sleep Of Your Life


Are you among those who wake up before their alarm every morning? Do you experience problems lifting your head from the comfortable pillow when it’s time to rise? Do you look and feel sleepy until noon? Are you always fighting fatigue? Well, we all live hectic lives juggling life work and family.

Most people are always in a hurry to meet the demands of their busy schedules and trying to ensure that they complete all they have on their list that day by cutting back on some sleep. For instance, it’s common to find yourself staying up an extra hour to do the laundry, ironing or to watch a movie after a long day. It sounds like a brilliant idea, but it consumes your sleeping time.If you are querying how to get the best sleep of your life, here are some helpful tricks.

Tips on how to get the best night’s sleep

1. Wash and change your bedding

6578uytrBelieve it or not, clean sheets can improve the quality of sleep that you get. Make it a habit to clean your room for ten minutes before you sleep. A healthy environment promotes positive vibes and helps improve your sleep cycle. If you are questioning why you have not been getting enough sleep, you better consider washing your bedding.

Another important thing to consider is to change your bedding to enhance your sleep cycle. This includes the types of mattress you’re using. Latex mattress has a good bounce whereas memory foam mattress is good at supporting the body. The latter is also suitable for people with chronic back pain. Confused about which memory foam bed is suitable for you, then I suggest you search online. For example, this post from sleepholic about best mattress reviews & guide 2017 contains detailed descriptions, reviews, images, and tips for selecting the right sleeping pad for you.

2. Prioritize your health

It’s important to ensure that you complete all your work on time especially when you have a lot to do. However, it is not worth jeopardizing your health. For instance, if you are sacrificing a little sleep trying to complete some assignment you should know that you will not produce quality work. It’s better to request for more time from your tutors if you feel overwhelmed instead of struggling on your own. Stop doing the assignment contact your teacher and retire to bed.Unless you have a habit of procrastination, most teachers will understand your situation.

3. Have a schedule

You should schedule everything you are doing including your sleep. By getting enough sleep, you will wake up feeling refreshed. So if you don’t have a sleeping schedule create one and ensure that you stick to it every night.

4. Opt for healthy ways of waking up

Energy drinks and coffee are abused by many people who want to stay awake up to late in the night. However, they are unhealthy options. If you take too much caffeine, then expect to feel exhausted later on in the day. If you are fatigued, you better force yourself to drink a full bottle of water instead of coffee or energy drinks.5e657utyrt

5. Switch off your phone

The chances that you will do this are tiny. In fact, most people have a huge problem doing it. However, if you are struggling to get sufficient sleep at night, it’s a good idea to avoid gazing at your phone, laptop or TV screens for at least an hour before you retire to bed. There is substantial evidence behind this claim, and for that reason, you should care about your health.

6. Try natural remedies

Discuss with your doctor to find out if you can start taking melatonin before sleeping. It is readily available over the counter and helps if you have trouble sleeping. If it reacts with any medicine you are taking; your physician will recommend a safer option.

Exercises You Can Do At Home


Regular exercise can help us to function better in our everyday task. It is good for one’s health too for it builds the body’s defenses against disease and emotional stress. Thirty minutes walk in the park or an exercise in the gym every day should be included in your schedule.

It ‘s nice to spend this time outside, but unfortunately, there are times that it’s impossible to go out, but this should not stop you from doing your daily exercise regimen. There are plenty of exercises that you can do at home.

Home Based Exercises


Always remembers to do stretching to warm up before you began any exercise program of your choice. Always stretch before and after exercise. Stretching before exercise makes your training easier and you are less likely to be injured. Stretching after a heavy workout helps muscles return to their original length, reducing your soreness.

Aerobic Exercise

There are a lot of various workouts available. You can get DVD of these workouts and do it at home. There are different DVD’s to select from, from light exercise to strength training exercise depending on the type of activity that you want. This is quite entertaining and won’t be too much of a burden for you.

Home Equipment Exercise

There are a lot of home exercise equipment to choose from, from weight sets to treadmills or stationary bikes. There is equipment available to suit every need and budget. These home equipment are professionally designed to cater to your needs. This computer for home use ranges from simple to complex ones. Thus it is important that you know what type of workout you want.

Martial Arts

Martial Arts Martial arts are also a great way to stay flmdlmblmfbmmdflmbldmfbmdfmbdlfblfbit and are suitable for the whole family. Even your kids can enjoy this kind of activity. It also promotes self-discipline and self-esteem.Common Homework out If you can do exercise without using any home equipment or any DVD to follow then you can certainly do many regular workouts that can be done indoors like push-ups which will make your muscle stronger.

Other popular exercises that you can do indoors are squat, Bench Dips, Basic Crunch (ABS) and more. When this activity gets too strenuous for you, then you can always switch to Jumping rope. It is a fun event and doesn’t quickly bore you. Jumping rope is good in strengthening your heart muscles so that it can function more efficiently.Regular exercise keeps your body fit and prevents diseases. It is often recommended by doctors like the way to defeat depression and stress. Thus it is crucial that you find the best exercise program that fits your needs. It is best to remember always that it is your spiritual obligation to take care of your physical bodies.